Sunday, August 3, 2008

Letters from Egypt: Hashing

I decided to get out on my own this past Friday and my boss told me about Hash House Harriers. You may click on the word and be directed to its origins via Wikipedia, or just know that it is an international group that meets in perspective cities to exercise. One twist is that it is more of a social aspect with the motto, “Runners with a drinking problem.” So I walked to the expat hangout, the Ace Club, and had no idea where to go. I’ve been emailing the grand master all week, but didn’t recognize anyone. I saw this other girl and asked her where we were suppose to meet. Luckily, it was her first time as well. 

She and I ended up going with one of her friends and we had a great time. We introduced ourselves to everyone before the hike began after taking part of several initiation-type activities. Then we were off. I seriously thought I was going to die as we hiked up the steep hill. It seemed like the only bright side to this hike was to make it to the checkpoint. It was like what I imagine heaven to be: a 4-wheel drive with tons of alcohol loaded in back. Sweet nectar... All the while, Natalie just told me about her experience in Cairo and what to expect. Afterwards, we hung out for a bit by the BBQ then we met up after showers at the Ace Club. Ended up going for some Korean food (the irony, Korean food in Cairo) and I went home shortly thereafter. 

It was nice to finally meet some people around my age. I highly recommend expats go hashing at least once!


  1. This sounds very cool! And the pictures are amazing!! I'm so proud of you Miss LeAnne =)
    Liza Lou

  2. get ready for the next friday, girl:)

  3. I get the idea that there is a lot about this 'adventure' that u have left out of this post! :)