Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letters from Egypt: Things Just Got Better

I didn’t realize how difficult it might be to keep this blog up regularly, but I’m making every effort possible. I returned from Nigeria after being delayed a few extra days… I was so happy to get back to Cairo. I am uncertain what changed, but my attitude just did a 180 and instead of counting down my days here, I’m now leaving it as an open-ended experience. So who’s to say if I’ll only be here for 18 months? It could very well be longer. Nigeria was quite an experience. I will say that the food was not to my liking. In fact, if I never see it again, it will be all too soon.
  Photobucket I’ve started going out more and meeting more people. However, with that, comes all the gossip. I was unaware how intricately connected everyone is, and more so, unaware of all the back stories. Everyone wants to tell you about everyone else and sometimes it feels like you’re in a stadium with a group of people just waiting to get your story. Please note my disclaimer: I’m here for the beer. Thanks.  

This Halloween was actually one of my top Halloweens! Since there are no costume shops really, I went over to Elaine’s and we sewed a curtain and a sheet – and thus I became a Greek goddess. I had gone golfing earlier that day and I must admit that I got so frustrated that I just threw my ball and called it a day. I went to Elaine’s house party and then to the Boss Bar.  

As is normal with Egypt, although not as bad as the rest of Africa (Nigeria for instance), the power went out at around 1:30 am and many of us left to relocate to an apartment. Cairo has definitely become more enjoyable by far. I remember when I was going to move here, researching blogs and just basically trying to get more information. I’m glad that so many people looking to move to Cairo have stumbled upon my blog. I hope that it gives you somewhat of an insight, even though I’ve been severely lacking in the update area.  

***Great Find for a Girl’s Evening: 

I also wanted to put a quick blurb for anyone that’s looking to find a great mani/pedi place that waxes your brows (most just thread) – please visit Noha Nails. The place is owned by Noha and an American, Tina. They get all their supplies from the US or EU and it is great quality (unlike Tarek’s nails that I just found utterly absurd and horrible). Noha is Egyptian and she speaks EXCELLENT English, and as some of you may be able to ascertain, is rare. 

You must call and make an appointment, and what you wouldn’t expect, is Noha personally knocks off however much time she feels it will take for what you want (mine takes two hours), and you sit, drink tea and just have a great time. I even know some men who go to her for waxing and massages. 

Take a look at some of the photos and if you’re into having a girl kind of evening, here’s the information: Noha Nails  
Road 198, Bldg 20B Ground Floor  
Degla-Maadi 012.319.8349


  1. Hi LEAnne,
    Well first of all welcome to Cairo.
    Second I don't know why I get the feeling that you're very aggressive towards Egyptians, you know it's not really that bad, there are a few bad habits here, but there are good things also.
    Anyway I wish you luck.
    Amr Rezk

  2. Hi LeAnne,
    I would like to apologise for calling you an aggressive person, that was a month ago, but now I've been reading your posts for a month and I think that you are just writing your thoughts and that you are a little home sick, once again please forgive my first opinion :)

    Cheers, amr