Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letters from Egypt: New Year, Newfound Positivity

I rang in the New Year much like I ring in every Thursday night. A group of my friends and I met up at the Ace Club, and well, the night was a blur but that’s suppose to mean you had a good time, right? Then we headed over to the Boss Bar to listen to Brian dj. If you are coming to Cairo or already located here, I want to suggest listening to this guy. He will be developing a website soon and when it happens, I will post a link so you may all listen to


Thus far, the beginning of this year has started off on a great note. I finished the magazine amid all the internet/digital communication problems, car accident, holidays, etc. And now, I can finally have a breather…at least for another week and then it starts all over again.

I wanted to make a quick note that despite sometimes feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I really do have a great time here. I have some amazing friends. I was speaking with someone the other day and I said Egypt is a very easy place to hate that is, if you surround yourself by negative people. If you are thinking of moving here, you will find out exactly what I’m discussing. And if you find yourself in a negative atmosphere, it can literally make living here unbearable.

I see this one particular group here – expats – and each time you’re around them, there’s such a negative feel. I don’t understand. If you don’t like it here, leave. Yes, it’s okay to have down moments, we all have them (Lord knows I just had a couple of weeks of down time), but it’s a story for your children one day, it’s a story for your friends/family now because let’s face it – not many have the guts to just pick up and move to a country that is so culturally different.

So, if you are an expat here, or even if you’re not, but you’re looking to enjoy your experience, I’d suggest meeting some of my friends. We have this understanding: the more the merrier.

Happy New Year!

Eat of the Week:

Gaya – Korean Restaurant

41 Rd. 218 Maadi, Cairo

Tel: 02 25197769

Got a hankering for Korean food? Do you see a group of Koreans and wonder where they’re going? Probably to Gaya. This is authentic Korean grub and let me tell ya, it’s quite tasty. Dips are brought to your table almost immediately upon arrival. They change daily, but one thing doesn’t change – the Bimbebab in a stone bowl. It has a variety of vegetables, mixed meat, served in a stone bowl with an egg cracked on top that proceeds to still cook when brought to your table.


  1. I once got some great advice on how to deal with the frustration that can overwhelm you when trying to work in Egypt: "BREATHE!" Although this is still true, since I know you guys, I have to add: "LAUGH!"Thanks for making me laugh so much, it's therapeutic.

  2. Hi Ann, I was feeling really down for the past few months, after I lost my job, but I'm breathing again now because I got a new job here in Vodafone Australia, as a customer service agent which is outsourced here in Cairo!!

    Cheers, amr