Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letters from Egypt:Football is a Way of Life

In case you weren’t aware, soccer is a HUGE thing over here. And there’s no bigger game than Egypt vs Algeria. You can view other news sources (BBC’s Egypt's President Mubarak enters Algeria football Row) as to what happened in November when the two countries duked it out to qualify for the World Cup (which Algeria won). 

Since I can't post the videos anymore because Blogger is a being finicky, you can click on the links that will take you directly to the YouTube videos.

Next time you’re in Abu Dhabi…

You simply MUST try this place. It is one of the tastiest shwarma places I've ever had the pleasure of having my lips meet. I'm unsure of what it is called (by the picture, I'd guess Al Rutba), but it is near the Howard Johnson in downtown Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, the shwarma isn't available until after 6pm, but that just means you should be waiting at 5:55pm to get your fill. You'll thank more for it later - I promise! It's cheap and clearly a favorite among the locals. 


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