Monday, February 15, 2010

Letters from Egypt: Current Events

Some of these articles may be biased, therefore, I have posted only a few in order to spark your interest to do more research. Before you base your opinions on whether the arrests were justified, democracy really exists in Egypt or the Virgin Mary has been spotted please do your own research using various sources as there are three sides to every story: hers, his and the truth.

Three Muslim men reportedly opened fire after a Christmas Eve mass killing six Coptic Christians after the alleged rape of a 12-year old Muslim female by a Coptic Christian. The trial has been delayed until March 20.

With the Presidential election set to take place in 2011, two events have sparked the attention of many. However, many wonder just how “free and fair” the elections will be as political candidates have, in the past, been forced into exile and/or detained.

Concerns continue to mount on militants entering into Egypt from Yemen and Gaza to regroup and train Egyptians. 

An AI official was suspended after claiming that the human rights watchdog group is supporting a cause linked with Islamic extremist.

After 15 MB members were placed under arrest, AI is calling for their release. 

Egypt Sees GDP Growth for Upcoming Year – Reuters South Africa
Egypt is predicted to grow by 5.5% for this fiscal year, attracting $10 billion in foreign direct investment as it recovers from the global economic crisis.

As floods hit certain parts of Egypt, two more people have died bringing the total to 13.

Thousands gather in Cairo to catch a peak at the Virgin Mary after the reported sighting on December 10.

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