Monday, October 25, 2010

Letters from Cairo: Warning in Maadi

Word is spreading in Maadi about an American Egyptian, Ahmed Sharif, continuously harassing women in the area.

He has reportedly assaulted a female in Maadi and continues to send her threats on a regular basis. His description is as follows:

* Around 5’11
* Ethnic Egyptian, but with a thuggish slang American accent (how do you remotely try to explain that without sounding horrible?)
* Has a Marilyn Monroe mole above his upper lip

He has been banned from the Ace Club as well as the Air Force club, Peace & Victory (PV), for his behavior toward women. He is also married, and believe it or not, his wife partakes in the harassment.

A little old lady in my apartment building, Hoda, told me that before the 1950s, Cairo was like Little Paris. She made it sound so romantic, and I wish I’d gotten to know that Cairo. Unfortunately, harassment continues to rise and the only way we can stop it is to spread the word. As always, be smart and know your surroundings and safeguard yourself. And in the meantime, watch out for Ahmed Sharif.

If you've been harassed and have photos, names, or specific places where this unacceptable action continues to occur, you can visit Cairo Shame website and request to have the information posted.

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