Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop the Press on the Muslim Brotherhood

News is running rampant on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), but how many of you had heard of this organization prior to the protests in Egypt?

The news is reporting that the MB is the most organized opposition group in Egypt. Wrong. The news seems to be creating mass hysteria that the MB will take over because that’s what the Egyptian people want. Wrong. Just as these protests were based on popular demand, the MB does not garner the popular support that many media outlets would allow you to believe.

In previous posts like the one detailing the recent elections, I questioned how any valid figure could be given regarding the MB membership since it was banned in Egypt altogether (Don't forget to Vote). I do not know one Egyptian that supports the group. One of my friends, when I posed the question about the MB ruling Egypt, said: “LeAnne, we will never allow this to happen. We don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Granted there are people that favor the group, but I think the numbers are a lot smaller than this media frenzy would have you to believe.

Could the current Egyptian government be playing the MB card in order to heighten fears of what life could be like without them?

The Muslim Brotherhood has never before gained so much attention, and quite honestly, I don’t think they deserve it now. They refused to take part in the initial protests, and Egyptians are very well aware of it. The MB receives no credit whatsoever in this movement, so why are they getting so much international recognition?

As per my last blog, don’t under-estimate Egyptians. Apparently that’s a memo that the Egyptian government failed to receive. However Egypt, your point has been made. Please stop the violence and let's all work to rebuild.

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