Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Letters from Egypt: Egyptian Theatrics

Photo source: Egyptian TV
Although I posted the previous blog on August 2, I actually wrote it on August 1 detailing how probable it would be for Hosni Mubarak to show up at court in a hospital bed. Egyptians in general are very dramatic, so does it really come as that much of a shock that Mubarak did, in fact, fly from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo and enter into court via his hospital bed? And on the flip side, was there a need to put all of the defendants in a metal cage?

When I first moved here, I got into this soap opera called Noor. I began watching it because the acting was so horrible and dramatic. Before I knew it, I was pulled into the stupid story line. This soap opera is actually a Turkish soap translated into Arabic, but all Arab cinema is dominated by Egyptians meaning Noor was just an offshoot of something from Egypt. This is why throughout the Arab world, everyone understands Egyptian Arabic.

I’m going to attempt to embed this YouTube video of Egyptian cinema to give those of you unfamiliar a better idea; however, if unable to view, please click this link featuring one of the most famous Egyptian actors, Adel Imam.

There are plenty other examples in normal, daily life. Women at – they fall on top of chairs, screaming, wailing, etc. Did I mention this could just be a passerby and not even a relative?

I suppose you could say Egyptians are just very passionate (nice way of saying drama queen). I was at a party last year and on a rooftop, this Egyptian doctor and his all plastic date made sure they were in the center of everyone, standing on a platform and as the wind blew through her hair, they stared lovingly into one another’s eyes as though cameras were rolling. They would periodically look around to make sure that eyes were on them.

A friend’s plastic surgeon recently recanted how cumbersome it is to operate on Egyptians because even before the surgery, they walk in and faint. All the other women rush to fan, provide water, say soothing words, etc. delaying the onset of the surgery.

And I’m sure those of you living here have other stories, but on that note, I’m going to end with one of my favorite Egyptian actors, Mekky in his Ramadan series called Kabeer Awwi (LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM).

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