Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letters from Egypt: Keep Her Away from Your Children

Image: Parenting Clan
Parents take a risk when hiring a nanny, but one Maadi family found out just how dangerous it could be when hiring Egyptian Hana Hasan.

A message from the Maadi Monday baby group, Mums Today, has been circulated in order to help other parents avoid their experience. In a letter, one mother describes how her husband arrived home last week and found their nanny (Hana Hasan) holding their 7-month old down on the bed with her hands covering his eyes and mouth. The father immediately stepped in and dismissed Hasan while she yelled how the child wouldn’t stop crying.

After grabbing the child, the husband ordered Hasan to leave. The letter said, “She demanded money and threatened to kill our family.”

The baby is doing fine after undergoing a medical examination, but the family has discovered that Hasan was possibly drugging the child with a mild medication (like Benadryl) to make him sleep. The family hired this woman on during the second trimester of pregnancy in order to become more familiar, giving them a better sense of security.

She is Egyptian and speaks fluent English. If she approaches you for a job, please send me an email directly with your name and contact information and I will forward to the appropriate person. A report has been filed, but she is currently “at large.”

Most importantly, get the word out because this woman should never be around children. Another word to the wise, whenever hiring an Egyptian – particularly for such an important job like taking care of your children – ask to see their Egyptian ID card and get a copy (for other foreigners, get a copy of their passport). Also, have your driver or someone you know take the hired employee home if you ever get suspicious so you know where they live and when it comes time to file a report, you have more than enough information to wreak havoc on the culprit.

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