Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letters from Egypt: What’s in a Name?

I took this photo on Jan. 25, one of the first groups I saw protesting before converging on Tahrir Sq
As suggested, I’ve researched all these so-called revolutionary Days of *place whatever Friday here* and I’m wondering, who comes up with this?

  • The first Friday that started it all with the Day of Rage (January 28).
  • February 4 rolled around dubbed the Original Day of Departure; then on February 11, the actual Day of Departure was instated (with Mubarak officially stepping down as president).
  • The Day of Celebration ensued on February 18, a brief hiatus amid euphoric jubilation, only to resume on April 1’s Day of Save the Revolution.
  • The Day of Cleaning came around on April 8, although I’m assuming that wasn’t meant to be taken literally since nothing was actually cleaned – literally and figuratively.
  • And since that didn’t seem to work, playing off of the previous success of the Day of Rage, the Day of Rage Part II was born on May 27.
  • Interestingly enough, June 3 saw the Day of Work. Can someone tell me where this took place?
  • A month later on July 1 came the Day of Retribution, followed by the Day of Revolution Firsts on July 8. What “firsts” were those exactly? Oh I get it, it was the first time people descended upon Tahrir Square in protests…sarcasm.
  • The Day of Final Warning arrived on July 15. I wonder who issued that “final warning”? The protestors or the military? Either way, the warning seemed to have gone unnoticed.
  • July 22 showcased a very Decisive Friday. I was wondering if someone could give me those decisions that were actually determined?
  • The Day of Unity (although I like to say [Dis]unity) resulted in a religious sparring in the [in]famous Tahrir (Liberation) Square.
  • And in August, everyone decided to take a brief, month-long hiatus in observance of the Prophet Mohammed and his teachings while eating enough food to feed all of Somalia and the displaced refugees.
  • However, not to be left out or forgotten, people came back on September 9 in the Day of Correcting the Path of the Revolution. Sure they could have simply dubbed it the Day of Correction, but why simplify such beautiful wording…

So I don’t think I’m alone in saying, Egypt – it’s lost its luster. KEFAYA!

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