Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Letters from Egypt: MAADI SPECIAL on Taxi Fare from ACE

While this doesn’t pertain to all of this blog’s readers, there are many of you that might find it useful. I’ve noticed with the increasing membership of the expat club, ACE, that many are being taken for a ride via the cab drivers standing in front of the club. Please note that those cab drivers are NOT affiliated with ACE and while many may think they’re safer than walking to the medan to acquire a taxi, in some cases this is not true. 

Alternately, if you've had a bad experience with one of the drivers that block the entrance to ACE, take a photo, be sure to warn your friends, send it to the ACE committee and if you want, send it to me and I will post directly on this blog. You live here and therefore have earned the right to be treated with respect.

Suggested Prices for Taxis with minimum traffic (starting point ACE Club):

  • ·         Anywhere within Degla is no more than LE 5 (including Rd 9)
  • ·         Corniche, LE 7
  • ·         Nasser Street, LE 7
  • ·         Downtown and Zamalak, depending on complete destination, should be around LE 25-30

White Taxi meters:
There are three different types of meters, two varying meters depending on distance and one that incorporates time lapsed.

All meters begin at LE 2.50

Meter One:
Moves up to LE 2.75 when covering 0.8 km. For every 0.2 km, it moves up another LE 0.25

Meter Two:
Moves up to LE 2.75 when covering 1.0 km. For every 0.2 km, it moves up another LE 0.25

Meter Three:
Incorporates time and distance. If constantly moving, please refer to Meters One and Two. If stuck in standstill traffic, the time begins on the meter. It will increase LE 0.25 per minute.

Tips for taking taxis:
  • ·         Note that the taxis outside of ACE are not affiliated with ACE and should be treated like any other taxi hailed from a different location.
  • ·         If taxis refuse to turn on the meter, be prepared for a potential problem regarding price unless negotiated in advance (alternately, if you must force them to turn on meter, monitor the meter closely to ensure it has not been tampered)
  • ·         Females should always sit in the back
  • ·         Give money through the window after exiting the cab
  • ·         Females should exercise extreme caution if intoxicated and taking an unknown cab home

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