Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letters from Egypt: Important Dates

Tomorrow will mark the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party-led “Million Man March” in Tahrir Square. While not anticipating a “million” strong marching if previous numbers are any indication, an advisory has been issued by the US Embassy.

The embassy also said, “As Egypt’s presidential election draws nearer and the final list of candidates is soon to be completed, campaign rhetoric and political gatherings will likely increase throughout Egypt.  Opposing viewpoints, campaign posturing and party rivalries could lead to tension  or clashes as parties and their followers assemble in support of candidates.”

So to keep you abreast, here are some important dates as recognized by the British Embassy:
April 12-13: Announcement of presidential candidates
April 14-15: Appeal period for presidential candidates
April 17: Verdict of trial for the Port Said football riots
April 26: Final decision on presidential candidates
May 23-24: Presidential elections
June 2: Former President Mubarak’s trial verdict*
June 16-17: Presidential election run-offs
June 21: Presidential election results released*
June 30: Handover of power from military to civilian government*

Important dates in bold will garner the most attention and have the most reaction (in my opinion)
*If previous actions are any indicator, the asterisk shows the chance of date change

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