Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letters from Egypt: Attacks during Ramadan

Ladies particularly beware (please make sure to read “Females Beware of Ramadan”)
  • A taxi stationed at the Grand Mall has reportedly been attacking females and during the day. One woman was on her way to Carrefour when the driver pulled over on the Autostrad and attempted to rape her (instead he ended up beating her badly). 
  • Mugging on Road 82. Females, please carry your purse on the opposite side of traffic and walk with pepper spray or a weapon in your hand at all times, particularly iftar. More attacks happen at iftar because no one is on the street to help you.
  • Attempted carjacking on Road 233 also during daytime involving three suspects: one was shot, one captured and one got away.
  • Medan Victoria near Ace Club: one woman driving during daylight and a motorcycle pulled to the driver’s side hitting her car. While she was dealing with this, his accomplice opened her passenger door and took her purse. Lock your doors even for the shortest distance.
  • Road 250 near CSA: woman had her bag snatched and there have been reports of other things happening near that area such has harassment.

If you have any questions or are looking for things to do during this time, please make sure you read some of my previous Ramadan posts:

Although taken with my crap Chinese phone, you get the point...

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