Thursday, September 6, 2012

ATTENTION FEMALES: Taxi Gang Rape in Maadi

*Please share repeatedly to get the word out*

As I documented on the previous blog, I try to remain diligent in reporting attacks in and around Cairo and unfortunately, I decided to come directly home before meeting with friends to tell this story because it is so terrible.

About three hours ago, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who is a teacher and has been living in Egypt for about three or four years. She told me that last night around 7 pm, an American female (reportedly from Mississippi, but I can’t confirm) took a taxi to do some shopping in Maadi. The woman had just arrived to Egypt about a week ago, therefore it is no surprise that she didn’t recognize where the taxi was taking her.

Next thing she knows, the taxi has taken her to an undisclosed location and men pulled her out of the car. They beat, raped and robbed her.

Questions you might be asking:
What was her location?
Please see the above statement that she’d only just come to Egypt a week ago. However, she was in Maadi.
Did she give a description to the police?
When you move to a foreign country, it is hard to identify anyone as they all look the same (ie Chinese babies). So this point is moot.

She picked up the taxi in Maadi. It was not so late. And for all of you wondering if she’s okay, she is on her way back to the US as we speak telling her school this morning (an American school in Maadi, but NOT CAC) that all she wanted to do was “get out of this horrible country.”

Please share this blog with anyone you know living in Egypt. Ladies, please carry some weapon, never go alone and always take trusted drivers although I know sometimes you may not have a choice (in which case, please don’t go alone).

And although I’m sure the victim will never see this blog (why would you ever want to read anything dealing with a place of such a horrendous memory for you), I hope and pray that you’re okay. I couldn’t imagine taking a 12-hour flight alone after the ordeal you’ve been through. And I pray that you are able to preserver despite this horrible incident.

As a friend just told me, “This is supposed to be exciting, an adventure. And then you get here and this happens?” I am hurriedly writing this (so apologies for the continuity), but please warn everyone you know. The school is allegedly on high alert and unsure what actions to take now in protecting their staff.

Egypt wants tourists, but even those that come here to help educate Egyptians are being attacked so why should tourists – whom particularly don’t know the country – ever venture here?

Dear President Morsi,
I understand you have a lot on your plate, but you can’t continue to ignore the increase in crime.


  1. The expat community in Maadi is HUGE and such an incident would for sure find its way to everyone's ears. It doesn't matter if she's new in the country or not, the rest of the teachers will for sure tell the story - if not be leaving already - and since all the expat community in Maadi spot in Maadi community church, Ace club, Villa 55, Gold's Gym, Samia Allouba Gym etc etc and since NO ONE talked/heard about your reported incident, I can fairly assume that this is bullshit. You either have a 'recorded video with the lady' with documentation to her police report confirmed by her embassy who must have known/investigated the incident, or stop spreading fake news to gain some more hits in your blog. Egypt has a well known and undeniable sexual harassment problem, but even with the lack of security currently in it, it's not as dangerous as you told and not even close to what's happening in other parts around the world including the states.

    1. Thank you Maklad for your comment, but please be aware that this incident just occurred Wednesday. And the teacher was from Misr American College, so you are more than welcome to go yourself and also find out. Furthermore, you may also read the blog published right before this one detailing my own personal experience and you are more than welcome to please note the last paragraph where I specifically stated, "Many attacks are happening during daylight hours as well and no, I don’t need your commentary on how much more dangerous other cities are – Egypt WAS safe and I’m not living in those other cities."

      And finally regarding blog hits: I do this in my free time. I have a job and am not trying to accrue money or fame via my blog. I began the blog as a way to keep friends and family updated on my life in Egypt and it turned into helping anyone else thinking or actually relocating here - particularly single females. Hence reaching more hits is not my goal. I do not only discuss negative things on this blog, but I also discuss many positive attributes to this country. So prior to commenting, you should probably also check into the rest of the blog before immediately jumping to conclusions (which is coincidental since you've in essence blamed me for the same).

  2. I was reading your blog earlier this week & remembered it today when I ran across the following article on "'Harassment map' helps Egyptian women stand up for their rights"
    I thought it might be of help to some of your readers. Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I published a blog in 2010 discussing Harassmap’s debut. You can find it here: However, thanks for the most updated version of Harassmap, it has certainly come a long way and hopefully will continue its positive influence.

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  4. I was grabbed between my legs in a Taxi while i was in the back seat. The driver kept looking at me in the rear view mirror. I knew something was off so did not make eye contact with him. Next thing i knew his hand was between my legs. I screamed made him stop and got out of the car on the Maadi overpass near the Nile and walked to my husbands office.