Dear Ladies

Basic Rules, Especially for Females

I will continuously update this page in order to provide more information for females. Likewise, if you have something that you would like to see added, please feel free to send an email and I will make sure that it appears on the blog.
  • I've noticed an increasing amount of problems when either going to a well-known expat place, particularly a bar (e.g. Ace Club or BCA) with taxis demanding more money than on the meter and/or rigged meters. Remember, do NOT pay until you get out of the car and even if the driver continues to yell, keep walking. Make sure that he drops you off in a well-lit and populated area just in case he tries a more serious action than yelling.
  • Special blog post for females during Ramadan, so make sure you read it to get more information on what you as a woman should do to safeguard yourself: Females Beware of Ramadan 
  • Don't make eye contact with men on the streets because often times this is confused with having an interest in them. My advice: pretend they're not there, look at your feet and always be aware of your surroundings. Also take notice if you see feet still coming in your direction (ie not walking straight, but instead walking toward you like in a Metro station) and make sure to keep walking away.
  • Walk with your purse held on the opposite side of passing traffic. People will reach out in an attempt to grab it.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. If you are in an unfamiliar area, especially a lower class area, make sure you dress accordingly and cover your shoulders, cleavage and no shorts or short skirts in these areas.
  • No real number exists for emergencies (if so, I haven’t found it and Egyptians laugh when I ask because the likelihood of the police understanding me or even coming is slim). Make sure you have a man on speed dial that will answer in case of an emergency.
  • If you want food delivery, but are worried about communicating, use I’ve had only one bad experience, but mistakes happen. Besides, I use this often. The site times the delivery and it is usually very accurate. However, if you do call, places like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and the like have your home number in their computer.
  • Have the money for your cab in your pocket.
  • Have exact change for cabs and delivery. Often times, they will try to phish for more by saying they have none or drivers will not make change.
  • Pay cab drivers through the window after you exit the car. Do not ask how much they want, make sure you ask a local whom you trust in advance. Then, begin using your own judgment.
  • You must be pushy when paying for items in stores or even at the local kiosk. There’s no such thing as a line.
  • Get the card from your nearest kiosk so they can deliver late at night.
  • Hide your passport in a safe, yet conspicuous place. Also, make sure it is still easily accessible for emergencies.